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Device Method Cost Turnaround
iPhone IMEI £30 - 70 1-10 Days
iPad IMEI £30 - 70 1-10 Days
Samsung IMEI from £10 1 hour
Sony IMEI from £10 1 hour
Nokia IMEI from £20 1 hour
HTC IMEI from £20 1 hour

About IMEI unlocks

IMEI (Wireless) unlocks, are processed over your existing mobile phone carrier. It is the ‘official’ procedure to unlock a phone.

Apple have put significant restrictions on older methods, allowing iPhone and iPad to be ‘software’ unlocked, which were much more cost effective.

Although IMEI unlocks are more costly, they are permanent, pose no risk to your data, and do not affect your phone’s warranty.

iRepair are simply an agent in providing these type of unlocks. iRepair will submit the request to one of our partners, who manage the entire process.

During the processing time, you keep hold of your device, and the unlock is simply ‘sent’ to your phone, like a text message. This process can take anywhere from hours to weeks – and is outwith our control.

About Software unlocks

Software unlocks are a modification to your device’s software – and are processed in iRepair stores.

Although the process is very fast, the equipment is very costly, and different stores have the equipment to hand on different days – it’s really the ‘luck of the draw’ as to whether the store you visit has ownership of the equipment on any given day. As a word case scenario – the process will take 24 hours, as we transfer your device to another store to be unlocked, and retuned back to your local store.

Software unlocks will put your data at risk. Your device may be erased during the process, and so we strongly recommend backing up your phone numbers, photographs, and any other irreplaceable data.

About Us

iRepair opened its doors in 1999, at 1068 Argyle Street, in Finnieston Glasgow – and has since grown to be the most highly reviewed, and most popular repair service in Scotland.

iRepair is Glasgow’s favourite iPhone repair, iPod repair, Mac repair, iPad repair provider, as well as offering Android Smartphone and Tablet Repair. We also fix Samsung, SonyNokia, and many more.

iRepair stores are located in Glasgow’s West End, South Side, Paisley, Shawlands and Motherwell. Established in business for over 15 years, our mission to provide our customers, the best repair service possible.

We continue to be focused on providing the best service, the best prices and the highest level of customer satisfaction to customers and corporate clients alike.

Our professional repair technicians are well-qualified specialists with particular areas of expertise that cover a wide range of products including SmartphonesLaptops, PCs, Games Consoles and iPods.

Repairs are carried out by qualified technicians who have detailed knowledge and expertise which equip them to handle the most complex and challenging repairs.

Our extensive range of trade contacts domestically and internationally also provide us with the facility to purchase component parts very cheaply.

As a result, and to the advantage of our clients, we offer the best possible prices for quality products and service in today’s keenly competitive market.